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17 jwl or 21 jwl?

I’ve had this watch for about 5 yrs now. It an orange dial 52-0110 citizen challenge diver. It’s been in my family since new. I’m just wondering if there was a way to tell if it’s the 21 jwl or 17?

From a quick google search, it seems like the black dial version of this watch is 21 jewels according to this article.

It does briefly go over the orange dial version but doesn’t definitely say how many jewels it is. I hope this helps. Hopefully someone else could shed some more light on this.

From what i have read from that article and a few others online just now…IF the dial does not note the amount of jwls I.E. (21 jwl) than it is of high probability that is in fact a 17 jwl. Which would make it even more rare…

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I absolutely Love vintage Citizen Divers!

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