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A Giveaway, and the Very Green Undone Basecamp 420. Would you Puff it, or Pass?

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When the Undone team suggested that I review this watch, I’ll admit I was a bit surprised. I was familiar with their collaboration watches such as the new Superman and Simple Union watches. I even knew that (unlike Rolex and Omega) Undone actually has Batman and Ultraman watches in stock to sell you. Looks like…

So I read this article again and I had to just comment on how hilarious you are Nick. The puns in this article are legendary. :laughing: How do you do it? Also I think this is a pretty cool watch with a solid movement. A nice change of pace from all the serious watches out there.

Thanks Will!

I’m not sure how I did it, the jokes just popped into my head!

It is a cool watch for the money. I’d prefer the normal version though, even if it is pretty unique! :smile: