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Blue, Rhodium, or Platinum? The Rolex Yacht-Master (116622) By Dial

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The Yacht-Master reference 116622 was a part of the Rolex collection from 2012 until 2019, when it was replaced by the 126622. Though it launched with a platinum dial carried over from the preceding reference 16622, the standout for the 2012 model year was a new striking blue dial variation. In 2016, a rhodium dial…

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How do you feel about the different color schemes for other Rolex models? Is there something about the combination of the rhodium with the Yatch-Master design that speaks to you?

The Yacht-Master is the only rhodium dial Rolex that I’ve handled in person, although I believe I have seen a rhodium OP39 before at a boutique. I feel that Rhodium on the Yacht-Master makes it look a bit more subtle than the blue dial. I think it’s a good way to get into a more “blingy” Rolex without going completely over the top. Also if I were going for the platinum dial, I’d probably get it on the older 16622 reference.