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Buyer's Guide: Seiko Tunas

The aquatic Seiko “Tuna” – which version is your favorite?⁠

The Seiko “Tuna Can” SBBN033 is a robust stainless steel divers watch that features 300 meters of water resistance, a specially manufactured 7C46 high torque quartz movement, and Seiko’s Lumibrite lume. Coming in with a 48 mm diameter and nearly 15 mm thickness, this watch and the rest of the MarineMaster lineup features an iconic bulky, circular build (hence the name “tuna” – it looks almost like a tuna can). This watch comes in at a market average of just $700, making it a great sub-$1K option for a tough divers watch.⁠

The Seiko SBDX011 “Emperor Tuna” features many similar qualities to the SBBN033 but is made with a titanium PVD case. It features water resistance of 1000 meters, a mechanical caliber Seiko 8L35, Lumibrite lume, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and a slightly larger case than the SBBN033. Thanks to its additional features and more expensive materials, it is about $1,300 more expensive than the SBBN033.⁠

The SBDB013 “Spring Drive Tuna” features a spring drive Caliber 5R65 movement and 600 meters water resistance. Like the other Tuna models, it features a strong Lumibrite, a large case at almost a 50mm diameter, and a unidirectional rotating bezel. It is the most expensive version of the three MarineMasters, thanks to its more specialized spring drive movement. ⁠

Regardless of which one you choose, you will get a robust and durable tool watch with any MarineMaster “Tuna”!⁠

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