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By the Numbers: The Best Watch Trading Forums in 2020

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Despite the continual rise of social media over the past decade and a half, forums remain some of the most popular places for people to talk about luxury watches. Vibrant trading communities also sprung from these discussion boards, allowing members to buy and sell amongst each other. Forums are still a compelling option if you’re…

Great post Charles. Might be worth mentioning that Reddit WatchExchange has a pretty cool security feature when selling as well, in that sellers have to post a “time stamp”, aka an image of the watch next to their username and the date of the listing. This prevents scammers from duplicating the ad on other platforms with the same images.


Thanks Jason! That’s a great point that definitely sets WatchExchange apart. I’m really not sure why it hasn’t been adopted yet in other trading forums. I’ve updated my post to mention it.

On the subject of security, another thing to note is that your Reddit account can be protected with two-factor authentication. While not specifically a feature of WatchExchange, it does add another layer of protection to your account. I don’t believe Watchuseek or RolexForums offer two-factor.

ive done over 100 trades between Reddit watch exchange, and WUS (WatchUSeek forums), and they both have a unique feel that is all their own. I like the time stamp and feedback section of Reddit, but on WUS, its a very tight community, (a large one, but close knit), so most of the regular posters there know each other, and have done deals with each other before. There is a feedback section there as well, but time stamps are not required. with WUS, its a private forum, not public, so you have to agree to their rules, and its heavily moderated (weather good or bad) to protect us from scammers. If I want to trade something quickly, I usually post on Reddit, as it seems to be more fast paced because you can post in peoples WTS/WTT threads, and deals are made quickly… on WUS, only the author of the post can post and bump their thread eery 24 hours. so things move slow and behind the scenes as opposed to out in the public like Reddit. I love them both, but they each have a different personality.


Thanks for your insights Jack! I’ve traded quite a bit on WatchExchange as well, though not anywhere close to 100 transactions. It actually played a big role in helping me get into the hobby. I’ve only bought on Watchuseek a couple times since I never got close to obtaining the 100 post count needed to sell.

I agree that the WUS sales forum being private (in that no one can reply to threads except the original seller) definitely gives it a way different personality than WatchExchange. Personally I think I’d prefer the latter though, as I’ve seen some pretty it lead to some interesting discussions (although admittedly it can also be the cause of some drama).

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For me I’m definitely a WUS devotee. I’ve been a member of that forum since 2009, although my post count is modest as I tend to do more reading than posting. I agree with Jack that there’s definitely a strong community spirit. That being said, unless you’re selling something very desirable or rare, sales just don’t happen very quickly on WUS. I’ve personally had more luck selling domestically on Gumtree, odd as that sounds, than via WUS.

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Hi Jason, Glad to see another WUS fan! I have been an active member there since June 2010. im PowerChucker on WUS. and Jack_Carver93 on Reddit. i agree about the state of selling on WUS, its slower, and a more picky clientele, but im usually much more confident that im not going to be scammed there. Also, my biggest pet peve about reddit watchexchange is that once you post a thread it dies unless it gets tons of upvotes, and most sale threads do not, it will sink to the bottom quickly! I posted my beautiful Magrette dive watch for trade yesterday on Watchexchange, and within hours it was burried 3 pages deep… thats annoying! so on reddit, it can be hit or miss if you are selling.

On WUS, I love that you can bump you sale post ever 24 hours to bring it back to the top of the thread listings. This keeps it visible, and helps you sell. On reddit, you can only repost after 7 days, so your sale can take a long time.

having said all of that, (sorry for the rant), I still love and use both to trade, usually posting the same watch on both at the same time to give maximum visibility.

here is an interesting update, so i said the other day that i posted my Magrette Dive watch for trade on Reddit, and it quickly sank to the bottom and dropped into the pages to be lost forever within hours and without any visibility or offers.
so yesterday afternoon i posted it for trade on the WUS Trade forums, and within a few hours I had about 4 legit trade offers, and now its been traded for a really great deal.

Thanks for updating your post! Do you think the fast sale had to do with the brand reputation? Based on your experience, does it seem like WUS is more receptive to lesser-known brands and watches? If so, it’d interesting to know why.

Hi Will! yes i absolutly think that WUS is more receptive to lesser known / Micro Brand watches. In my experience, Reddit is ok for selling the big brands, (Seiko, TAG, NOMOS, Rolex, Omega, Tissot, Hamilton, etc, etc…) but for years i have been a huge fan of Micro Brand divers. any time i trade one, it almost always happens on WUS. Ive had a few people PM me on reddit saying they never heard of Magrette, and so they wouldnt be interested. funny thing is, I bought the Magrette on reddit from a reddit user who is also a Moderator of the dive watch forum on WUS (QuickSilver). so there are a bunch of us that try our hands with Micro’s on reddit, ill be sticking to the big brands when im there from now on… for example, i could post my Magrette, or my Aevig on reddit for a crazy good price, and it will be ignored, then i could post a Seiko SKX009J, and it will sell for top dollar in 30 mins. Its nothing against reddit, its just IMHO WUS and Reddit serve 2 differnt markets (when it comes to speciality/micro brands) I love them both though.

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