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Collection Concept: 3 watches for $3K

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The proposition of a three-watch collection for $3,000 has always been interesting to me. At an average of $1,000 per watch, it’s a price point where you’ve graduated from watch newbie options like a Seiko 5, but also not yet ready to step up to the offerings of typical luxury watch brands we might think…

Hi Charles,

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But, I digress… I really liked your article because the topic is exactly what’s foremost on my mind right now!

I bought my first watch a few weeks ago - a ruggedly handsome entry-level Breitling Colt on the signature Breitling Pro II oblique chain link bracelet. What a watch! Really love it.

And now, in anticipation of the fast upcoming holidays, I’m in a quandary whether to invest $3K in one singularly eye-popping piece, such ad a Breitling Avenger II Seawolf 45mm with a Tungsten dial… or else 3 watches for around $1K each. However, if I’m not mistaken, some of the watch models you listed in your article have Quartz movement, and I am focusing only on automatics… so that’s adds a bit more of a challenge to find newer automatics in the $1K range that are eye-catching, will make nice Christmas gifts, and belong to the luxury brands like Breitling, Corum, Cartier, IWC, Tudor, and Omega.

All this said, your article really resonates with me and I’m grateful you wrote it and it landed in my Inbox.

All the best… wishing you and yours good health and, to quote that famous Vulcan (I just can’t resist) - “Live long and prosper!”

Jeff Western
aka: Axel Martinsen

Hi Jeff,

I checked out your website and your photos of the Colt are excellent! I love the detailing on the dial in particular.

You’re right, the G-Shock is quartz, though the Seiko Sumo and Tudor Prince are mechanical (automatic). Your question is an interesting one. My experience is that unless you decide to go vintage, there’s not many watches from the brands that you mentioned that are compelling at the $1K price point. However, at $3K the options really open up. That’s enough to get you any number of Omega Speedmasters/Seamasters, Tudor Pelagos/Black Bays, or IWC Pilot’s watches.

You also mentioned that you’re a relatively new collector. As a more seasoned collector, I would lean more towards the one watch for $3K. That being said, there are still many compelling options for $1K, they’re just not from the typical big Swiss houses that you mentioned. But if you’re willing to go German or Japanese, I would recommend looking at Sinn, Nomos, and higher end options from Seiko all as compelling choices for $1K.

Hope this helps, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

I enjoy my full metal G but I have a much cheaper regular G as my beater. The polished metal is just too nice to beat on! So I’d sub that full metal G for a DW5600 square, then go for an Oris Aquis “Hulk” and a Sinn 104 in your choice of dial black/white arabic/index. I have well over 3 watches though lol. I can’t say enough good things about my 104…

I like a SARX033/035 for a less expensive dressier piece over the ubiquitous SARBs. Though IMO, the 6R movement could stand to be a bit better. I wish at $1k they would regulate and adjust them. They have a lot of positional variance in time keeping accuracy.

Those are some great choices! The point about the SARX is fair, though I understand if Seiko has opted for spending the money on the finishing and materials in the case and dial, rather than the movement.

While we’re on the topic of the SARX, I would also have to recommend the SARX055 “Baby Snowflake.” I think it’s incredible value at around $860, with a titanium case and that frosty dial.

I haven’t had the pleasure of owning a Sinn 104, but I do have a 656L with a rare white dial. Did you know Sinn made a 104 with a green dial as well? That could be another great alternative if you’re looking for a green diver!

Yes, the sparkle green dial 104 is great. I wish Sinn did them in index, my 104 is an index variant and I like it more than the arabic dial. Though they’re a fair bit premium over a regular 104 since they’re a limited edition. I’m a movement fiend, so Seiko’s choice never sat well with me. The SARX055 is nice, though it veers too pricey IMO for that 6R movement.

I need to pick up a full lume dial like that 656L, they’re too cool! The Sinn U2 W limited edition would’ve been a lot better with a full lume dial if ya ask me.