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Does This Cult Favourite Deserve Its Cult Status? Lange 1 (101.027X)

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The Lange 1 is regarded as the holy grail by many, and I’m lucky enough to have one in my collection. As such, today I shall dive deep into the question of whether the Lange 1 is truly deserving of all the praise and acclaim, or if it is just the product of another successful…

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Interesting watch, although I’m surprised to see “Lange” and “successful marketing campaign” mentioned in the same sentence! (Maybe that will change with the Odysseus though).

Were you at all concerned about daily’ing a white gold watch? Is there a noticeable difference in heft on the wrist compared to, let’s say, a stainless steel watch on a bracelet? Nice review and nice piece!

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Thank You! Don’t get me wrong, Lange makes absolutely amazing timepieces. However, I do feel they have greatly increased their marketing effort in recent years (at least here in Singapore), in a push to go more mainstream. I still love the brand, even though the Odysseus took some time to get accustomed to.

With white gold being much softer than steel, scratches and dings were definitely a concern in the beginning. After babying it for roughly 4-5 days, I accepted the fact that minor damage is unavoidable, and began paying less attention to it. This explains most of the blemishes on the case and the few nicks/scratches on the crystal. (Although I certainly wouldn’t work on a car or do anything rough with it).

I found the weight to be very manageable, and it’s definitely lighter when compared to a stainless steel watch with its accompanying bracelet. Prior to the Lange 1, I wore a Royal Oak Offshore Diver (15710ST) paired with its accompanying bracelet daily, and I must say. I greatly appreciated the reduction in weight during the 2 weeks which I wore the Lange 1.


@Owen_T That’s a nice looking Lange 1. One thing that struck me however is that the “Stealth” nickname in Lange 1 is for the Ref.101.025 in platinum and I believe the name was because of its monochrome look with the silver dial and white gold hands. Although there were a few with blued steel hands, the “Stealth” was always a platinum reference. The 101.027x is definitely a mystery reference since it never appeared in catalogs and had a very limited run, but I don’t think it was called “Stealth” because of that. True to your title, I believe it is a cult favorite since it is visually identical to the steel reference (101.026), one of the rarest Lange 1s.

Oh, thats interesting! I’ve seen the 101.027x referred to as the “Stealth” a couple times by various boutiques and ADs, but was never able to get any concrete information about it - even Lange themselves aren’t willing to comment on it when reached out to other than “Nevertheless we can say, that your LANGE 1 is an especially rare example”. Thank you for the information, I’ll be sure to look into it!