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Extension of Country Filters for European Union / EU Customs Union

Dear WatchCharts Team and Members!

Beforehand I would like to say “Well done!” to the WatchCharts project so far! I think it can be an important tool to improve transparency regarding the watch market.

Customs and import bureaucracy represent a hassle and burden for international transactions. Although those inconveniences may be worthwhile the hassle if they concern unique or rare pieces, in most cases they outweigh the benefits by far.

To simplify the user experience for users of the EU it would be a major improvement UI wise to add an “EU” and/or “EUCU” choice item to the “Country” choice box in the listings section.

Under current circumstances users who wish to avoid listings outside of the EU have to single out every EU-country individually by hand.

I hope this proposal strikes a chord with some users and I’m looking forward to the discussion!

I think we could change the country selector to allow multi-select, along with shortcuts for regions/continents such as EU. I will note down this suggestion and update this thread when there is progress.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes! A multi-select feature would help everybody, not only those who wish to select the EU - great idea!