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Functionality Over Aesthetics and My Current Collection

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Starting a watch collection can be daunting, especially with manufacturers increasingly raising their prices. However, for that exact reason, I believe starting a watch collection can be seen as not only a hobby but an investment. My interest in watches was piqued in my teens when my father purchased a Timex expedition for me, and…

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Awesome collection! I love a good dive watch collection! im in the process of trying to write something interesting about mine.
I love the fact that you called out BioShock! I love that game and have played all the versions. Games and watches have been a huge part of my life, in fact my username Jack Carver was taken from the lead character in the original Far Cry games series.
that Big Daddy watch is truly amazing! Id love to see more pics of it.

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks so much, as you can tell i love dive watches haha :slight_smile:
I’d love to see an article about your collection too!!
Haha and there i was thinking that was your actual name. I think we’d get along just fine, as videogames and watches are both hobbies of mine too! Very interested to see your collection, you’ll have to keep me updated!

Here’s another picture of the Big Daddy watch :slight_smile:

And a size comparison to an Omega Constellation if i’m not wrong

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