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Geckota W-02 Vintage Mechanical Chronograph Racing - The Vintage Experience Without the Hassle?

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What should you do if you don’t have a big budget, or feel comfortable taking the risk on a vintage racing chronograph? British brand Geckota Watches think that they have the answer. Does the W-02 give the experience of wearing real vintage?

Great write up on a very interesting watch. I like the chronos, most of them, but don’t have the use or need for those functions however I do like them for what they offer. This one caught my eye and interest because of the write up and its ‘history’ and movement. Not really a collector but do have a few nice watches, this one may be worth considering to add.
Thanks for the write up


Thanks, and I’m glad you liked the article! It’s definitely a fun watch for the money.

I find chronographs useful for day to day activities like cooking, or parking meters etc.