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In the water, on the water, or above the water - Rolex has us covered

Rolex released the Deepsea in 2018 to honor film-director James Cameron on his historic solo dive. In 1960, Cameron broke the record for the Mariana Trench Dive at 6.8 miles deep (11 kilometers), an area that is often referred to as “alien.” The dial of the Deepsea imitates the journey deeper into the ocean: from brilliant ocean-surface blue to pitch black ocean-bottom. It is amongst the ultra-resistant divers’ watches by Rolex with water resistance of 12,800 feet and a unidirectional 120-click rotating bezel.

The Yacht-Master 11628 was released in 1992 to commemorate Rolex’s relationshsip with the world of sailing since the 1950s. The latest Yacht-Master reference 126622 features a Rhodium dial and bidirectional rotating bezel. To this day, Rolex is a committed partner of the most prestigious yacht clubs and regattas in the world.

The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master was introduced in 1955 when intercontinental travel was rapidly expanding. It was the official watch of Pan American World Airways. The 126710BLRO has the ability to display two different time zones during intercontinental flights. The latest versions of the GMT-Master II feature two-two toned ceramic bezels and a Jubilee bracelet.

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