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Introducing Country Filters for Sales Listings

This week, we launched an update to our Watches for Sale page, where we aggregate and display sales listings from various sources such as Watchuseek, RolexForums, Reddit WatchExchange, eBay, and more. The update adds a new filter that allows you to show listings that are only from a certain country.

For forum listings, the country information comes from the forum user’s bio. We use the Google Geocoding API to derive the location data. For eBay listings, the location data comes from the eBay API, and is often associated with the eBay site that the watch was listed on.

As one might expect based on the sources that we pull data from, most listings on our website come from the United States. Here is a breakdown by the top countries that Watchuseek and RolexForums users sell from:

  1. United States (380K listings from 22K sellers)
  2. Canada (18K listings from 2K sellers)
  3. United Kingdom (7K listings from 1.5K sellers)
  4. Australia (4K listings from 800 sellers)
  5. Hong Kong (3K listings from 200 sellers)

You can filter from these countries and dozens more on our website. Is there any country in this list that surprised you? Do you know any other watch trading forums that we could incorporate to increase our number of international listings? Let me know in the comments!