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Is the Bulova Accutron II Alpha (ref. 97A110) a Faithful Reimagining of the Original?

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The first Accutron was conceived by the Swiss electronics engineer Max Hertzel, and contained the world’s first tuning fork movement. It replaced the mechanical balance with an oscillating transistor that powered a pair of electromagnetic drive coils. The coils were nestled above a tuning fork which gave off a distinct hum when operational. This novel…

I would beg to differ with your characterization of the Bulova Precisionist. You say that, “Precisionist movements are more accurate than standard quartz watches”. I have owned several of those watches–still have one now–and it is, indeed, NOT more accurate than a standard quartz watch. If you look at many online blogs, you’ll find many others agreeing with me, too. The Bulova propaganda mill SAYS it is more accurate, but my experience is that they are not even as accurate as the better quartz movements, particularly those of the Swiss. The one I have now is accurate to about seven (7) seconds a month. Bulova claims ten (10) seconds a year. If I were a Brit, I would say “rubbish”. As I know it Bulova has never addressed this issue, and I really hope they would. So sayeth I… DLS

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Thank you for pointing this out and correcting me. Truthfully, I haven’t done any extensive and thorough first-hand research on the accuracy of Bulova Precisionist watches so I should not have made that statement. Apologies for the mistake, I’ll correct it immediately.