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Marloe Coniston Watch Review - Fantastic Design, Great Value, and a Hidden Suprise

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The Marloe Coniston. When I discovered Marloe Watch Company on social media, my first thought was that this is a company that puts significant effort and talent into their design language. Each of their watches has very unique, yet functional cues that stand out in a sea of new watches, but it doesn’t hurt that…

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I really like these! Im digging the Morar Beacon the most! I just love dive watches with orange seconds hands! great specs and design and a great fair price. id love to wear one.


Just wanted to say that it’s really cool to see all these lesser well-known watches from some microbands. I’d have to say that the Poljot Aviator Alarm and this one are some of my favorites. It’s a shame that it’s a manual wound watch or else I would’ve definitely picked this watch up for sure. That lume is awesome and it’s not something you see every day!

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Im happy to see them too, I have always been a Huge supporter of Microbrands! over the years I have owned dozens of different Microbrand watches. currently I have 3. Aevig (my second), Helm (also my second), and Scurfa (my 3rd) . I feel they compliment my collection well, and accent the major brand watches I own nicely. the biggest issue for me is that there are too many Microbrands out there, and I cant buy them all lol.

Thanks guys! I’d love to check out their Morar dive watch too!

I would not prefer a manual wind for a watch I am wearing every day, but for a special occasion watch, or one to wear on the weekends I love it.

I agree, that the right microbrand watch can be a great addition to a collection. Many of them are not doing anything original, but Marloe is certainly doing something special with their designs.

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