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New Improvements to our Price Alerts

One of the unqiue benefits that WatchCharts provides our users is the ability to set up price alerts for any of the 10,000+ models available in our Price Guide. With this update, we’ve made the alert creation process both more versatile and accessible.

Most notably with this update, users no longer need to sign up for an account to create price alerts. The alerts can now be created and managed using only a verified email address. This is evident in the new price alert creation menu that can be found throughout various pages on our website:

Furthermore, we now allow you to specify more generic alerts. While the form in the screenshot above is configured to create alerts for the Rolex Explorer reference 214270, by clicking the dropdown in you can also choose to receive alerts for all Rolex Explorer listings, or even all Rolex listings.

We’ve also improved the flexibility when it comes to determining the alert price threshold. We’ve added an additional option to send you alerts for listings below market price, so that you will only be notified of the best deals. Of course, you still retain the existing capabilities to set a custom price threshold, or receive alerts for all new listings.

Once you create an alert, you’ll see a table pop up where you can manage it. You can also see and manage all your alerts on our new Alerts page, which is accessible through a bell icon on the site header.

The alert page looks something like this:

You’ll notice that there’s also a new option for the alert delivery frequency. You can choose to receive an alert for every listing (not advisable if you’re getting alerts for all Omega listings, for example), or receive a summary on a daily or weekly basis.

We hope that the added flexibility and ease of use delivers an improved alert creation and management experience. Please let me know by replying below if you have any questions or feedback!