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New tools, mobile app update

As we close out the first month of 2021, I’d like to share a few updates on what we’ve been working on.

Watch Screener

We’ve been collecting specifications for the watches on our site and have used them to create a Watch Screener. The screener lets you search the 18,000+ unique watches in our database by a variety of factors: price, complications, case dimensions, and more. Once you find a set of watches that match your desired constraints, you can use our database to learn more about them, or browse listings to see what’s for sale.

WatchSniper for eBay

We wanted to build an improved watch shopping experience of eBay. At any given time, there’s roughly a million watches for sale on eBay, which makes it really hard to filter through and find the ones worth looking at. Our WatchSniper tool tries to make this a bit easier.

How? Every hour, we scour eBay for listings that match the watches in our database. When we find a watch that is listed below the average market price, we display it in WatchSniper. In this way, WatchSniper shows you only a set of listings that are potentially good deals. You also have the ability to filter by country, price range, top rated sellers, and more.

Mobile App Improvements

Finally, we just released our first big update to our mobile app over the weekend. There are three big changes that come in this update:

First, you can now create, manage, and receive alerts directly through the mobile app. To do so, just navigate to the Alerts menu and turn on in-app notifications.

Next, we’ve built a home screen widget that shows you the latest watches for sale. The widget is available for both iOS and Android. Here is a screenshot for iOS:

Finally, we’ve incorporated more elements of our watch database in the mobile app. Most notably, this includes specifications and dealer pricing.

You can download the latest version of our mobile app directly through these links: iOS App Store | Google Play Store

Here’s to 2021

At WatchCharts, we’re committed to helping you find your next watch at the right price. We hope these tools will be instrumental in doing so.