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New Watch Alert: Ressence Type 5X

New Watch Alert! Check out this Ressence Type 5X. ⁠

The Type 5X is the second piece of Ressence’s X Collection, celebrating their 10th year of the brand’s existence. The Type 5X started when Eugenio Amos, founder of Automobili Amos, challenged Ressence to create a geniue driver watch that has functions related to cars. Thus, the Type 5X was born. ⁠

The bezel is divided into two parts. The first one is dedicated to warming up the engine, the S stands for Start, D for Drive, and R for Race, while the other part is for cooling the Turbos. The colors and design of the watch were also inspired by the Lancia Delta Futurista, the car Eugenio Amos created. ⁠

The watch is a limited edition of 40 pieces and retails for $34,391. ⁠

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