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One watch a day for a week Challenge

For years I have been a constant flipper, watches coming in and out of my collection, sometimes staying no longer than 48 hours before I traded them out for something else. This habit has gone on for years, and what I have now is many deep regrets about watches I wish I had held on to, or at least enjoyed a bit while I did have them. So as an experiment, im wearing one watch all day every day for a week before putting a different watch on. I have posted about this over on Reddit. so this is the recap.

WEEK 1 RECAP: Last week was : Scurfa Diver One D1-500.

Scurfa is a great very small Micro brand based out of England, that makes very high quality professional saturation diving watches. The founder and owner, Paul Scurfield, is in his primary job, a professional off-shore saturation diver in the North Sea. while spending his weeks submerged hundreds of meters below the surface in a heliox enriched diving bell, he realized him and his team needed better deep dive watches, so he designed the Diver One line. Ive owned 3 Scurfa watches, and I love them! here is a pic re-cap of last week.

Week 2, Day 1: Watch of the week: Helm Vanuatu

This is my second Helm Vanuatu, I had a V2 a few years ago, and this is my V4. Helm has all of their watches ISO6425 certified as Dive watches, (Fun fact, if a watch says Divers, or Dive Watch printed on the dial, then its ISO certified. however that doesnt stop some brands from doing it anyway). 300M, Vitron O-Rings, NH35, lumed bezel, and very well fitting and comfy. It almost has Sinn 104 vibe to it.

being stuck working from home for the past 6 months has made me bored, this is a way to have some fun.

Feel free to join me, Ill try to add the new pic of the day every day here.

Week 2, Day 2: One-Week-One-Watch-Challenge : Helm Vanuatu. I put it on a nice grey Nato for today. I took a drive to Wawa (you east coasters know where I went) to get some Bang Energy drinks for my morning meetings, and put the Helm on a nice grey nato that actually has a purple hue in some sunlight. This watch is large, but so comfy because of the sharply curved lugs. This is one of the favorites in my collection.


Here is a recap of the last 3 weeks… Im into week 4 right now, here are weeks 1,2,3 that I wore each day for a week.
Scurfa Diver One D1-500
Helm Vanuatu
NTH Amphion Vintage Gilt
Omega Seamaster Pro 300 Ceramic.