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Part 1/2: Mechanical Vs Quartz - The Case for Quartz

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In many ways this is one of the most fundamental questions of watch collecting, but one with a surprising amount of complexity. More than a decade into this crazy hobby and I still find myself torn between mechanical and quartz timepieces. Both offer unique benefits and drawbacks that appeal to different demographics of watch wearers,…

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This was an awesome in depth write up! I love it! I remember when I first got into this hobby, I didnt know any better, so what movement it had made no sense or matter to me. Then I joined WUS back in 2010 and started reading and reading, and the more I read the more I liked the thought of an Automatic movement, so my first real watch was an auto. at that point I became a Noob know it all and a snob against everything quartz. It wasnt until years later and over 100 watches later with some growth and maturity that I now embrace both quartz and mechanical watches. I have both now in my collection, and appreciate them both for the technology they bring to my wrist.

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Thanks Jack! It’s good to find yourself in that place of watch collecting maturity when you can appreciate both mechanical and quartz, agreed that it takes quite a journey to get there. My first “good” watch was a quartz Tissot PRC 100 titanium, I’ve still got it actually, might gift it to my son when he’s old enough. It cost me $600 when I was in my early 20’s and it seemed hugely expensive at the time.

Then I learned more about watches and dismissed quartz as the cheap, throwaway option and went full mechanical for years. Some Grand Seiko 9Fs taught me the error of my ways, and now I really, really want to add a Washi dial Citizen Chronomaster to my collection soon!

Great read and insight for the case of mechanical vs quartz. I think both are required in one’s collection and I think I need another quality quartz in mine.

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