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Part 2/2: Five Affordable Watches or One Expensive Watch?

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With a budget of around $5,000 USD, which would be a better use of funds; five affordable watches, or one expensive watch? In part 1 of this article, we explored the affordable approach, with a collection of five watches costing around a grand a piece designed to suit a variety of situations and dress codes.…

This is a really cool discussion. OK, for part 2, ill flip sides and go for the one watch approach. of the ones you listed, I would be choosing between the Rolex, and the Omega.
I have had a love and fascination for Rolex for years, I know they are not the pinnacle of watchmaking, but they are a brand that speaks to me. that OP you listed is stunning! the only thing holding me back is the size. 36 is small, i just prefer a big larger, however not a deal breaker.
I have always loved Omega too, and since owning one, I can see what they are so popular! the Seamaster AT has been one of my favs for years too, that dial and hand combo is beautiful, but if we are going off of the exact ones you posted, i dont think i like the green very much. so for 5K, and 1 watch, I might pick the Rolex OP that you listed. My other train of thought would be this. all things being equal, and 5K for either watch, im looking at future resale/trade value too, so the Rolex is the best choice in that regard as well for me.

Definitely agree with the Rolex OP choice as a potential GADA watch. There are so many different kinds of OPs as well so I think everyone would be able to find one to fit their taste. Personally, I would wear a 39 or 36 but I’m not a huge fan of the Arabic numerals for 3,6,9. Any particular reason you chose this OP over the other ones?

Hey Will!

When you’re talking Rolex and GADA, quite often I see the Explorer I being touted as the favorite. I think a lot of that has to do with how the applied, Chromalight-filled Arabic numerals provide some additional visual interest, both during the day and for those lume shots at night. The Datejust by contrast with its all-baton indexes veers further intro dress watch territory and doesn’t look quite right with casual clothes.

With this OP36 you get the Exp 1 style 3,6,9 Arabic numerals but in a smaller package, with a bolder colourway, baton hands rather than mercedes, and a much lower price point. The result is a slightly dressier GADA than the Exp 1 but one with more unisex appeal and more friendly on the wallet.

My second choice would be the steel dial OP36, which although slightly more buttoned-up than the blue version listed is still very versatile and benefits from a unique dial colour that will go with anything: