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Price Breakdown: Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue

The clean Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue - be sure to buy at the right price!⁠

The Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue (M79030B) combines Tudor’s most popular model with a clean navy blue dial and bezel. Inside, this 2020 dive watch is powered by an in-house caliber MT5402 with 70 hours of power reserve; it also has 200 meters of water resistance and a unidirectional rotatable time bezel. Despite selling for as much as $4,500 upon its initial launch, the market price of this watch has consistently gone down over the past 5 months and now sells just $200 above MSRP on average. If you are looking for a solid deal, try to find this watch for under $3,700. You should also consider buying this watch through an authorized dealer, as the market price is very close to the MSRP.⁠

Expect to pay about a 15% premium, or around $4,500, if you decide to purchase the Black Bay 58 Blue from a grey market dealer. ⁠

What would you be willing to pay for the Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue?⁠

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