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Price Guide: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The 15500ST is the latest stainless steel AP Royal Oak, and has been hot in demand on the secondary market, with its value rising 42% in the past year. Compared to its predecessor - the 15400ST, the 15500 trades for about $6,000 more than the 15400ST, though many prefer the dial layout of the 15400. The 15500 has seen a slightly larger increase in market value over the past year. Both watches trade significantly above the original retail prices.⁠

The 26331ST is a Royal Oak with a chronograph complication. Compared to the 15400 and 15500, the 26331 has a higher MSRP, and a higher secondary market markup. Compared to the other models, prices have also been increasing significantly in the past year. ⁠

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