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Price Guide: Rolex Sea-dweller

The ultra-resistant Rolex Sea-Dweller – which one is your favorite?⁠
The Rolex Sea-Dweller lineup is one of Rolex’s most water-resistant lineups. Built to be premium dive watches, the 116600 and 126600 have water resistance up to 1,200 meters, while the Deepsea 126660 has water resistance up to a staggering 3,900 meters.⁠

The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 (Ref. 116600) was released in 2014 and featured a 40 mm case with a Rolex 3135 movement. This model was discontinued in 2017, and currently sells at a market average 33% higher than the retail price. The strong value retention of this watch is likely attributed to its short 3-year production run and the fact that it is the only 40 mm Sea-Dweller Rolex has made.⁠

The Deepsea Sea-Dweller (126660), updated in 2018, is Rolex’s classic large, 44 mm divers watch. It has an updated Rolex 3235 movement, a Fliplock wetsuit extension and a Glidelock in-clasp extension system. As the name implies, the Deepsea has the strongest water resistance of all three Sea-Dwellers thanks to the unique Rolex Ringlock System case architecture. This watch has the highest retail price out of the three watches, but has actually appreciated the least (at just 13%).⁠

The Sea-Dweller (126600), released in 2017 after the discontinuation of the 116600, is the middle-ground between the 116600 and 126660. It has the same water resistance as the 116600, but is slightly larger with a 43 mm diameter. Like the 126660, it features the updated Rolex 3235 movement, but is slightly smaller with fewer water-resistant features. It retails at a price between the 116600 and 126660, but actually sells at the highest market average at around $14,600.⁠

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