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Price History: Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Price History⠀

The first thing about the 116500LN that catches many people’s attention is how the crisp design, two tone hands, and added depth of the markings and numerals give a slightly futuristic and modern look. Fake versions of this never come close to its precise and detailed design. Around the hour markings is a line of raised white gold, black outer tracks frame the elements, the hands have both white and balck lume insets, and concentric stampings give the watch texture. ⠀

The price skyrocketed in the beginning years but has slowed down to a trend of 0.8% on a weekly basis and is currently trading at around $24,000 on the private market, a price significantly higher than its retail price. However, the price is a little lower than the dealer average of $28,306.⠀

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