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Price History: Grand Seiko Whirlpool

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat SBGH267 is perhaps the most collectible Grand Seiko in today’s market. Also known as the “Whirlpool”, it has a beautiful dial pattern of a spiral engraving intertwined with the letters of the Grand Seiko logo and mark of Daini Seikosha, who developed the first Hi-Beat movement.

The watch was limited to only 1500 pieces and was originally priced at $6,300. Yet values have skyrocketed on the secondary market. Our conservative estimate places the value at $7,500, but this market for this watch is difficult to track as it rarely comes up for sale. Within the past few months, we’ve seen sellers asking as high as $13,000 to $15,000.

Would you pay nearly double retail to own this coveted and limited Grand Seiko?

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