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Price History: Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer 126711CHNR

The Rolex Everose GMT-Master II 126711CHNR, also known as the Root Beer, debuted at Baselworld in 2018, a hefty 35 years since the original Root Beer was discontinued. It was in 1983 that Rolex decided to redesign the GMT-Master model, and did so by releasing the GMT-Master II. As a result of this introduction, a number of the original bezel colors, including the Root Beer was retired.

The Root Beer trades for approximately $20,900 on the private sales market, which is about 50% more than it’s retail price of $13,900. An example below $19,400 would be considered a great price.

Does the Root Beer have a spot in your collection, or would you rather one of its counterparts; the Pepsi or Batgirl?

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