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San Martin Bronze Water Ghost (SN040-Q) Review

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Why did I choose to purchase a San Martin? Bronze! They offer unique materials such as bronze, titanium, and damascus steel that you can’t get from Seiko or other brands after which they model some of their designs. How did it look in person? Click to find out!

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I really like the Black dial version of this. Ive watched this brand mature and gain traction since they started in 2016. I feel they add a great value alternative in the budget watch space.

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That’s interesting! How’d you first find out about this company? What drew you to them. My initial impressions were less than spectacular. When going to their homepage, it just looks very shady and something that looks like a scam to be honest. It doesn’t help that it’s made by a Chinese company either. They usually have a pretty bad reputation in consumer products on the international market.

Hi Will! when they launched in 2016, I was at the height of my watch flipping obsession (im writting about it for a post lol), I remember seeing them pop up on different ebay stores, and then they started trickling into the affordable watch forums. At first I thought they were just a cheap homage watch company, but as time went on, they seemed to stick around, and release more and more models. They use quality components, and its tough to beat the price on many of them (they do have some for over 1K, some for $1.5K, but most are cheap reliable and damn good looking … Now I get that Homage watches are a polarizing subject, some love them, some call them outright Fakes… but they are never going away, and to me, they offer a way to wear a solidly built watch for less money, with already proven aesthetics.

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Will, I also think that I first came across them on Amazon or eBay. I believe that some of their models are purchased from a supplier, and they put their name on the dial, similar to a few other brands. They also do seem to have some exclusive models and materials though.

The website is definitely not great, but I’ve had good customer service. There are a few minor QC issues with the watch, which I will mention in the follow-up article. That being said, for $199, it is a LOT of watch for the money.

I’m also not a fan of homage watches, but as I said in the article…bronze!

Plus after 2 weeks of wearing it 24/7, and some minor abuse, it is a total of -6 seconds, or better than 1/2 sec per day accuracy if you average it out. Overall it has been about +3/-3s or better. The lume is crazy too!

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