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Seiko Prospex "62MAS" SBDC101 (SPB143) Watch Review

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The Seiko divers that got us unto this hobby were so unconventional as to feel special despite their low price. You didn’t feel like you were buying them because they were a cheaper look-alike of the watch you really wanted but couldn’t afford. So does a more conventional and also more expensive Seiko diver still capture the charm that got us into this hobby?

Great article however one slight error both in the text and product summary. This Seiko model in Japan is reference SBDC101 and SPB143 for the International Markets.

Thanks! I’m glad you liked the article! I had trouble finding which was the US reference number, since neither is on the Seiko US website. The one that I reviewed is an SBDC101, and it didn’t come from Japan, so I thought they followed the naming convention of the previous 62MAS reissue.