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The Heuer Autavia "Viceroy" (1163V) - Feel Like a 70s Racer!

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The Heuer Autavia 1163V “Viceroy.” If you’re like me, part of the appeal of this ridiculous watch collecting hobby is imagining yourself using these watches in the extreme environments for which they were designed. In reality, you’re checking your Navitimer from seat 2B on a Delta flight into Milwaukee (where is that club soda anyway?).…

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This is truly fascinating! one of the triggers to my obsessiveness about my hobbies, is comparisons and charts lol. I can go down a feature comparison rabbit hole for days, obsessing about each little detail and difference between models. its a blessing and a curse. I loved this article, and Loved learning the small differences in the old Autavia models. Thank you for adding fuel to my addiction!
BTW your line about using your chrono for more than timing Hot Pockets made me laugh hard, and thats because it hits close to home. I imagine im timing a very technical Deep Dive with my diver chronos, and when the microwave dings, and my sons dinner is done, that means i have made it back to the surface safe lol.
thanks for this!

Thanks for the kind words Jack! I’m glad that you also got a laugh out of my article. I was worried it could have been long-winded! As you can tell, I’m still very excited about owning that watch.


Nick, makes total sense, when im excited about owning a watch, i do the same thing, i learn everything i can about it, and tell anyone who will listen … which is almost always no one except my internet watch friends.

I’m sure a few people have gotten bored hearing about how someone got my watch for $88 from a box of cigarettes :slight_smile:

tell you what, ill start smoking for an $88 Heuer! :slight_smile: