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The King, the Prince, and the President: which day-date watch do you prefer?

The Hamilton Khaki King, Tudor Prince Date Day, and the Rolex Day-Date 40 all provide the same valuable information - that is, the day of the week and the date - at dramatically different price points. The Hamilton – being a field watch – takes on a casual and sporty design with its black dial and arabic numerals, while the Tudor and the Rolex watches take on a dressier look.

The Tudor Prince Date+Day 76200 and the Rolex have a similar design; after all, Tudor was made to be a lower-cost alternative to Rolex! The Rolex’s MSRP is nearly 20 times greater than the MSRP of the Tudor, however. The Tudor Prince features a stainless steel case while the Rolex is made of precious metal.

The Rolex Day-Date has become an iconic part of Rolex’s brand, earning itself the nickname of “the President” after being worn by presidents such as Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan. All three watches are currently selling below MSRP, but the Tudor has retained its value the best.

What do you think of the day-date complication? Which watch would you pick?

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