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The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 (116600) has the Hallmarks of a Future Collectible

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What makes a watch collectible? Certainly brand equity, rarity, and history are part of the story. Design and collector tastes also play a role. Many times, it is the unique combination of such factors that apply to a particular model that make it viable as a long term store of value. Such is the case,…

40mm and no ugly cyclops? Yes please!

I’m writing this in 2020. Good piece of opinion in this post. I believe it can either become THE iconic unique mix of the classic and the modern Sea Dweller ever made (or made for a brief period of time) or… Rolex launch it again as they perceive their clients do not wear more than 43 mm at that price point, nd specially they like a watch they can keep under their sleeve.

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Had seadwellers all my diving career (16600) and never had them off my wrist, but as soon as I seen the 126600 I thought it was the one, beautiful watch to look at but… I hated it, like wearing a chunk of metal which I suppose it was, uncomfortable, anyway managed to swap for a 116600. Why didn’t I just to this in the first place, very comfortable, nice modern touches, the strap is excellent and adjusts to suit straight away. Will it go up, yes they always do but this the best one for me.

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