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Tis’ the seasons with Grand Seiko’s Heritage Collection - What’s your pick?

The Japan Seasons Special Edition collection, released in 2019, consists of four reimagined 62GS designs to celebrate Japan’s twenty-four sekki, which marks nature’s ever-changing seasons. Each watch in this collection has a MSRP of $6,300 but the secondary market prices are down ~10-20%.

The Spring Shunbun, representing the Vernal Equinox, depicts a pink dial that captures how sakura blossoms fall into the water.

The Summer Rikka showcases early summer and how the land turns lush green with a refreshing summer breeze. The green dial symbolizes a rich moment to enjoy forever.

The Autumn Shubun symbolizes the Autumnal Equinox and how all is quiet under the moonlight besides crickets. The dark blue dial is reminiscent of how autumn clouds float through the dark night sky.

The Winter Taisetsu, depicting the deep snow of winter touches on how the world is as if it was put into a slumber. The dial replicates winter snow as it glistens under the sunlight.

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