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Top Brands by Value Retention

Many collectors may wonder what the best brands/watches are in terms of value retention. We define value retention as a watch’s ability to hold its value on the secondary market, relative to the original retail price (MSRP). In this post, we share the results of our analysis of the retail and secondary market prices of over 500 frequently traded watches, to bring you the top 5 brands in terms of value retention.

The percentages on the x-axis are interpreted as follows: a value of 125% means the watches in this brand trade for 25% above retail price on average, while a value of 75% means the watches in this brand trade for 75% of retail price (or 25% below retail) on average.

Based on our analysis, only Patek Philippe and Rolex maintain an average value that is above retail price on the secondary market. Audemars Piguet watches trade almost exactly at retail, with Tudor and Vacheron watches retaining about 75% of their value on average.

What do you think of this type of analysis? Is it helpful or confusing? Do any of the results surprise you?

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