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Trash or Treasure, identifying a watch

I resently aquired this Patek Philippe watch, at a estate sale. I’m having trouble identifying the model. Don’t know if its trash or treasure?? Can someone help me.

For what it’s worth, here’s what people on the Discord were saying about this watch.

I personally think it’s a fake as well. Most people would not part with a watch without at least understanding something about it and if someone were to just google the name “Patek Philippe” they would realize its an expensive watch and wouldn’t sell it at some ridiculously low price.

Also yeah, the finishing of this one seems pretty subpar. Hope this helps!

Thanks for everyone’s comments. I figured it may be a fake, with the outside chance it could have been a rare find. Guess I can’t use it to pay for the kids college. It does work perfectly so thats the good news anyways. Thanks for the help. :watch::+1:t2::grin: