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Versus: Le Petit Prince

The classic IWC pilot’s watch – which Le Petit Prince is your favorite?⁠

Named after writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s novella Le Petit Prince, the Le Petit Prince collection has been an iconic part of IWC’s lineup that combines elements of vintage pilot’s watches with modern utilitarianism. The Mark MVIII IW3270-10, released in 2016, features a clean, minimalist design with a striking blue sunburst dial, a brown Santoni calfksin strap, an automatic 35111 calibre movement with 42 hours of power reserve, and a caseback with an engraved image of the boy on the cover of Le Petit Prince. At a market average of just $3,400, this watch provides clean, simple aesthetics and a luxury tool watch feel at an entry level price.⁠

The Chronograph Edition IW3777-14 provides the same great feel and aesthetics of the Mark XVIII but provides a richer featureset. The watch is 43 mm (as opposed to the Mark MVIII’s 40 mm), has an automatic 79320 calibre movement with 44 hours of power reserve, and a chronograph function. Despite having an MSRP $1,250 higher than the Mark MVIII, its price has depreciated at a higher rate (25%) and sells at a market price just $600 higher. Thanks to its build quality, substantive featureset, and the price drop on the secondary market, the Chronograph edition is a great option for those looking for a large pilot’s watch.⁠

Which version of the Le Petit Prince is your favorite? Is there another IWC watch you’d like to see?⁠

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