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Versus: Mechanical vs. Quartz

Two classic Rolex watches: do you prefer quartz or mechanical?⁠

First produced in the late 1970’s, the Rolex Datejust 16000 is reliable and water-resistant. It comes with a jubilee bracelet, a quick-set date, and a smooth bezel. This reference 16000 is a vintage piece. The dial is a beautiful monochrome taupe color with thick lume plots. ⁠

The Oysterquartz reference 17000 is a rare Rolex for its quartz movement and integrated bracelet. It took Rolex more than five years to develop the movement in-house because they wanted it to be a significant upgrade to Omega’s Beta 21. Interestingly, they had focused so much on the case and movement that they were completed before the bracelet. In 1977, the Oysterquartz was born. The first Oysterquartz watch dials did not have the COSC certification. It was only in late 1978 that the watches bearing the certification on its dial were produced. The earlier models, considered more minimalistic in design without the certification, are rare due to only being in production for 18 months.⁠

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