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Versus: Tudor Black Bay 58

The Black Bay 58 has become an instant classic - do you prefer the black or blue dial?⁠

Tudor first introduced the Heritage Black Bay collection in 2012, a collection of diver’s watches. However, many people were unsatisfied with its size, so during the Baselworld 2018, Tudor released an upgraded model, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Fifty-Eight. The Fifty-Eight has a slimmer and more suitably sized case than the existing Black Bay model. It incorporates vintage design elements inspired by Tudor’s vintage dive watches. The name Fifty-Eight comes from the year 1958, when Tudor released its first 200 metres of water resistance divers’ watch.⁠The blue and the black variations have the same specs, but the Black dial has slightly darker steel. The black dial and gilt accent also gives off a more vintage, traditional feel, whereas the blue dial feels more youthful and sporty. ⁠