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Watch of the Week - Doxa SUB 1500T

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Aka, the original Clockwork Orange. What makes an iconic watch? Is it the one that did something first, or the one that did it best? When we look into the history of dive watches there were several released in the wake of World War 2 that have become modern icons; the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms from…

I have been obsessed with Doxa since I got into Dive Watches! such a beautiful and classic iconic shape and design. When it was time for me to buy a nicer higher end diver, I was torn for a while between a Doxa, and the Omega that I ultimately bought. I think the main reason I didnt go with Doxa is because I have never seen one in person, and I was afraid of dropping that kind of cash for a new watch that i might not like the fit of. I dont regret my purchase of a Seamaster, but I do still think about Doxa and still really want one. I think for now though, my Seamaster is the more versatile watch, and can be worn in more situations. But Damn that Doxa looks good!! I want one.

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I’ve been really into Doxa lately. I’d love to pick up an orange, or aquamarine Sub200 at some point, just because it is the most affordable option.

Nick, there is a Sub200 up for trade right now over on WUS.

Thanks Jack! I checked it out, but I just ordered something else :smiley: .

The Doxa is something I’ll look at down the road though!