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Watch of the Week: The Bulova Lunar Pilot

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While fans of space exploration are usually familiar with the Omega Speedmaster Professional as the watch of choice for NASA, there is another kid on the spacefaring block you might not have heard of. The Bulova Lunar Pilot is a modern take on a historic timepiece that was worn on the moon by astronaut David…

I had one of these Lunar Pilot watches for a bit, it is quite the beautiful watch! the size was just on the cusp of too large for me, (about 7" wrist), but I felt I could pull it off. I fell in love with the dial, it had depth, and was easy to read. What made me get rid of it was the raised, unprotected box crystal. it was like wearing a huge target on my wrist for smashing into door frames, and tables. I knew i had to flip it while it was undamaged, because i knew it was just a matter of time before i chipped that crystal, and then id be stuck with it.


This is a great read, i didn’t realise that they lost the contract to Omega due to a legislative issue rather than a qualitative one. An amazing piece that i nearly bought a year ago. Maybe one day it’ll find a place in my collection :wink:

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Hmm didn’t realize there was such a glaring issue with the watch. Thanks for pointing it out and providing the insight! I definitely enjoy the look of the watch but I think would have the same issues as you if I were to get one. I’m pretty careless with my watches and would definitely break the crystal at some point. Also, I don’t have David Scott’s level of manliness to pull off such a large watch. :cry:

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