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Watches and Coronavirus: How to choose your next timepiece online

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There’s an often-repeated piece of sage advice in watch collecting: try it on in person before you make a decision. With the advent of COVID-19 watch boutiques and authorised distributors have been closing their doors, making it difficult if not impossible to try before you buy. Determining how a watch feels on the wrist is…

Thank you very much for this great information. Knowledge is power afterall. I hadn’t considered the lug to lug width to help me figure out the more true wrist feel. Insightful. I like the long lugs helping with the feel and size as well. The Omega Globemaster is a deceiving indeed. It does wear larger than the 39mm for sure. I like a larger feel myself, but I’m a bigger guy.

Thanks for your comments Ken12! Regarding the Globemaster, it wears much better on a strap so you don’t get that bracelet endlink flare, if you’re considering one.